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10 useful ideas to organise your closet

10 accessori indispensabili per organizzare il tuo armatio TiRiordino Professional Organizer

Your closet doesn't meet your needs?

Year after year our closet no longer meet our needs, maybe we need more drawers, some shelves or we just don’t have enough space… whatever the reason, the conclusion is that there is a messy and we can’t find our things.

The closet can’t last forever but we can’t buy a new one every year, so we have to organise it. It takes a little time and it is not expensive.

So, let's start!

👉🔘 Buy some shelves: the medium size is cm 30x30 but you can find other sizes. It is easy to use and to assemble, and in short time you will have a lot of new space.

👉🔘 Flexibel shelves: from cm 40-60 to cm 119-190. They are the good solution if you don’t want to make holes and change the structure.

👉🔘 Underwear: they are delicate and difficult to fold. You can put them in a drawer with some small dividing panels.

👉🔘 Jewellery holder: you can find different sizes and shapes. It allows two benefits: you can see your jewellery (so you can easily select what to wear) and everything is tidy.

👉🔘 Space-saving coat hanger: you can save space and you can always see all your clothes (so it is easy to select your preferred ones). Please note: the wardrobe has to be hight enough.

👉🔘 Boxes: there are boxes for all sizes and needs. I love these ones with a small window, so you can easily see what is inside. You can put them everywhere (under the bed, over the closed, …)

👉🔘 Garment bags: They are needful. You Have to buy at least one, that you can use for your precious dress or something that you really love.

👉🔘 Hatbox: we wear hats during the winter and during the summer, they have become fashion accessories. If you like them, you need a hatbox to be sure that you don’t damage your hats when you don’t use them .

👉🔘 Adesive hooks for wardrobe: you can find many types of hooks. I find them useful to hang belts, foulards, jewellery, …

Please take note that the hook can have problem with heavy items.

👉🔘 Bags organizer: and last but not least.. our bags! How can we store our bags? Most women can’t live without but bags are bulky, so we have to find an astute solution.

Marie Kondo suggests to put one bag within another, but I prefer use the organiser, so I’m able to see my bags (it helps me when I have to choose them in the morning).

For the small bags I use a box.

These are only some useful tips to renew your closet, but you can easily find tons of alternatives. To not waste money, I suggest you to make a list before you purchase anything, so you are sure to buy exactly what you need.

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